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Capturing the Romance: A Vibrant Italian-Inspired Wedding 

Planner: Nicole Alexandra
Location: Forme Los Angeles 
Photographer: Jenny Quicksall
Featured on: California Wedding Day Magazine 

Celebrate your love amidst the enchanting landscapes of Italy's Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, or Portofino with a destination wedding that captures the essence of this picturesque region. Our styled shoot is designed to transport you and your guests to the sun-kissed coast of Italy, featuring vibrant floral arrangements, lush greenery, and accents of olive oil and fresh citrus. Embrace the late summer vibes of the Amalfi with a color palette boasting bright Bougainvillea fuchsias, deep reds, gorgeous pinks, lemon yellows, and sunset oranges. Infuse your celebration with the bold and rich tones that characterize the Mediterranean, creating an immersive experience for all.

Set the tone for your Italian-inspired wedding from the beginning by incorporating greenery, florals, and lemons into your invitations. Utilize beautiful Italian patterns and illustrations in blue hues and yellows throughout your table décor and stationery. Choose plates inspired by the vibrant colors of Italy for a stunning visual feast. Extend these elements to wedding favors, cocktail stations, and the cake table to achieve a cohesive and visually striking design. Opt for long banquet tables to evoke an intimate Italian family gathering ambiance, adorning them with green vines, fresh fruits, and lush greenery garlands. Terracotta vases for centerpieces and stone elements in large arrangements along the ceremony aisle add an old-world charm reminiscent of the Italian Riviera.

Immerse your guests in the richness of Italian culture and design with a wedding that promises vibrancy and unforgettable moments. From the smallest details to the grand decor, let the beauty of Italy guide your celebration for an experience that resonates with the splendor of the Mediterranean.

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