My Story

I fell madly in love with Floral Design the moment I designed my dream wedding. While I fell into the rabbit hole of researching the wondrous beauty of flowers, an idea sparked in my imagination. I asked myself “How amazing would it be if I get to design extraordinary floral with details personalized to each couple’s love story, and deliver an incredibly beautiful experience, just as how I feel at my wedding?”. That spark of passion pushed me to take a leap of faith leaving my Fashion Design Manager position of over a decade to establish Mirabel Floral Design.


the pursuit of beauty 

As an artist, I believe in creating an event filled with romantic and refined blooms that are one-of-a-kind look designed for that once-in-a-lifetime event, inspired by each client’s style and imagination. I believe in highlighting and balancing each fine art details in flower design through its natural shape, color, movement, and textures are what make an event exquisite and unforgettable. Just as every love has its own unique story, I believe in curating a personalized and intimate experience with each couple, that is exceeding expectations, joyful, and incredibly beautiful!

If you are a fine art enthusiast that desires an exquisite celebration with an extraordinary floral design personalized to your unique style among a delightful experience, it is my joy to bring your dream to reality!


Because I pour my heart and soul into designing the meticulous details, I proudly take on one event per day and a limited number of events per year. Contact me for availability and let me learn more about your specific needs so I can make the best recommendations over our complimentary phone consultation.


Fun Fact

The name "Mirabel" is my daughter's middle name and means "wondrous beauty" in Latin.