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"What could be a more fullfilling than the  creative pursuit  of crafting  dreams into reality through  artful floral designs, creating unforgettable moments that spark  joy ?"

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My Story

Los Angeles Florist

My love for flowers ignited when I designed my dream wedding, where their beauty transformed my vision into an incredibly romantic reality. This captivating journey sparked within me a profound passion, compelling me to turn my passion into a profession. What could be more fulfilling than the creative pursuit of crafting dreams into reality through artful floral designs, creating unforgettable moments that spark joy? Thus in 2018, I left a successful Fashion Design career and established Mirabel Floral Design, dedicated to crafting elevated and artful designs that transcend expectations, my mission is to turn dreams into moments of beauty and joy.


My Philosophy

I wholeheartedly believe flowers have the magical power to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and enhance moments.  I aim to showcase the inherent beauty of nature through a delicate interplay of color, shape, texture, and seasonal blooms. My designs are tailored to capture each client's vision and the unique essence of the seasons. I craft moments that linger in hearts and memories, pushing the boundaries of creativity in every celebration. It's more than just beauty; it's about transforming dreams into reality through art, infusing each moment with joy, cultivating enduring connections, and crafting unforgettable memories.

Los Angeles Florist

My Client

Clients who choose to work with me share a deep appreciation for nature, art, fashion, and self-expression, seeking unparalleled sophistication, refined details, and exclusivity in every detail of their events.

Because I pour my heart and soul into designing meticulous details for each client, I only book a few monthly events to ensure each one is exceptional. Are you ready to make your event extraordinary? Contact me for availability, and let's chat about your special day over a complimentary phone consultation.

Los Angeles Florist
Los Angeles Florist

Fun Fact

"Mirabel" is named after my first daughter's middle name and means "wondrous beauty" in Latin. Our favorite hobbies are planting flowers, baking Holiday cookies, and creating arts and crafts projects; anything involves creativity and crafting with our hands and imaginations. 


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